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First, I really want to play MW2. It certainly holds up to my expectation of a sequel. What doesn’t appeal is of course, the multiplayer implementation.

The essential PC experience is being stripped away. When you try to align the experiences of three different platforms, what differentiates them? What motivates the choice to choose one over the other? In the PC experience, customizable dedicated servers appealed to many over the static match-made console experience. It’s a fact that most gamers who own high-end computers also own at least one next-gen console. If you suddenly make the PC experience less attractive, why choose the PC version? If they’re all the same, why not choose the console version? They’re all the same price anyway.
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Just read a great article on PC Perspective that nvidia is pushing anaglyph 3d for its GeForce product line.  Apparently I was on to something in my L4d in 3D post.

I guess when 100,000 people decide that something is cool, nvidia should listen.  And they appear to have listened.  I can’t wait for official anaglyph glasses and the official driver support for XP, Vista, and W7.

Read more about it at Nvidia

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Today saw the release of the first DLC for Left 4 dead. Features include the all new survival mode which pits the four survivors against an endless onslaught of infected. Each spawn has less of a lull in between and difficulty increases as time goes on. Eventually all four survivors die. There is also new leaderboards for the timed score of survival mode. Included in survival mode is the new lighthouse map from the (assumed) upcoming Last Stand campaign. Also released are the much anticipated versus mode of the Death Toll and Dead Air campaigns.

official changelog here

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