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Everything old is new again!

First thing’s first, what you’ll need:

Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit or XP 32-bit. This will not work on XP 64-bit because there is no stereo drivers for that OS

Nvidia 8xxx series or later

Free superbowl 3d glasses

Left 4 Dead

You will need to install some Nvidia drivers first.

1. Install 181.22 For XP ver 181.20

2. Reboot

3. Install Nvidia 3d Stereoscopic drivers 181.25 For Vista x64 (210MB) For XP ver 91.31

4. Execute this registry hack or for Windows XP

    What the hack does:

First it enables the use of colored 3d glasses (AKA anaglyph)

Next, it changes from the default red/cyan lenses to the superbowl colorcode yellow/blue lenses, or red/blue or red/green.

And finally, it enables the 3d Stereo drivers.

if you want red/blue glasses, use this

for red/green glasses, use this

to switch back to yellow/blue use this

5. Enter the nvidia control panel and enable the steroscopic settings in the stereo tab.

Start Left 4 Dead and enter a game. It should be yellow/blue 3D.

One final bit, the drivers support more than just Left 4 Dead. here’s a full list of supported games.

to remove the registry entries, run this registry file and then reinstall the 3d stereo drivers from nvidia. This will restore the default values.

    a quick faq:

1. Why do those screenshots suck? The pics are taken from my cell phone, fraps doesn’t capture the 3d drivers since they work outside the framebuffer.

2. Do you need a 120Hz monitor? No, you don’t need any special monitor.

3. Do you need the 3D vision hardware? No, this is meant to work without the hardware.

4. Why do I need that reg hack? For starters, you don’t have the 3d vision hardware. Without that, you can’t access the stereo tab on the driver control panel.

5. What kind of glasses work? Only colored glasses work with this. I’ve set up reg files for yellow/blue, red/blue, and red/green. No, polarized glasses won’t work. Those real3d glasses won’t work.

6. What Operating systems will work? Vista 32 works. XP32 and Vista 64 might work if you read some of the comments from the original post on the main page, XP 64 probably won’t work.

7. Where can I get 3d Glasses? Right Here.

8. Will this work with ATI cards? Right now, this is only for the Nvidia cards. If you want something for ATI, try the IZ3D Drivers

ready to start The survivors
This is red/blue red/green
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  2. Great! Awesome find.

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  4. how do i remove the reg file?

  5. If I don’t install the hack, will red/blue glasses work fine?

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  7. what if i only own red/blue glasses?

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  9. Great stuff, will go home and test this right after work.

    Are the Superbowl glasses similar to the old red and blue ones?

    Thanks for the info.

  10. How do I edit the reg file so that I see red/cyan like normal 3D glasses and not yellow/blue like the super bowl glasses (reason being I don’t have the super bowl glasses)

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  14. Is there a hack for it to work with Red and Blue glasses???

    i dont have any yellow to blue glasses

  15. GeekIndustries says:

    Hey man…awesome. But i was wondering…is it possible to get the registry hack, but keeping the RED/BLUE option? im From Brazil and i watched the superbowl on the TV…but i still have a pair of those old red/blue glasses from a National Geographic magazine!

    Thanks in Advance

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  17. Do these require the superbowl glasses or any red/blue. They are different.

  18. I absolutely cannot get this to work on XP64. I can’t see the stereo tab. The links link to an installer that won’t run on x64 :( Any help?

  19. I am happy to learn of this!

  20. You don’t remove the reg file… lol its now part of your registry. but if you feel you need to remove it (which you do not, i viewed it, its fine) all you do is open the registry editor in windows: start -> run -> regedit and just look for the keys that were added… delete JUST those keys if you feel you need to. But two words to the wise: These registry keys added won’t affect you in anyway negatively, if you want to disable the 3d anaglyph settings just uninstall the nVIDIA 3dStereo drivers from your control panel -> programs. 2ndly, manually editing the registry can result in DIRE consequences. do not do it unless you know what you’re doing, and even then you do so at your own risk… but since you asked how to remove the reg file, i’m guessing you don’t know what you’re doing. so please don’t do it lol 😀

    anyway these are all the keys it adds/edits… incase you want to try to remove them anyway…. (which you don’t need to do)

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D]

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D\GameConfigs]

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D\GameConfigs\left4dead]

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  23. The links for the other 2 reg files (Red/Blue and Red/Green) don’t work.

  24. The link of the red/blue registry is not working…

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  26. Could you please fix the link for red/blue registry hack? It’s broken.

  27. GeekIndustries,

    just open the .reg in notepad, and replace the left and right colors with the appropriate colors in HEX code for blue and red. i believe its FF000 for red, 000FF for blue.

    dont quote me though, google it. im not sure if its right.

  28. working on the red/blue fix right now, sorry for the inconvenience.

    update, fixed. files available

  29. I followed all of the steps and I don’t seem to be able to enable the stereoscopic settings. Every time I click on “Enable stereoscopic 3D.” A page pops up with a scrambled picture and some text. Basically the text is asking me if I can see two squares. However, there is not click to conifer button. If I click or press any keys the screen closes out and I am back in the drivers control panel. I don’t seem to be able to enable the stereoscopic settings.

  30. Zach, did you run the registry hack?

  31. I’m not seeing a sterescopic tab anywhere in the nvidia control panel. Where should it be?

  32. Yes, I ran the registry hack. I also reinstalled all the drivers and restarted in between every step and it still does not seem to work. I am running Windows Vista 64bit; my video card is a Nvidia 9800 GTX+. Could 64bit be part of the problem?

  33. I’m running vista 64 as well and having same issue as Zach…

  34. vista 64 requires a special driver found on the nvidia 3d vision 1.04 CD. download it from the link above.

  35. Done…fixed. Thanks!

  36. Still trying to get this working on XP 32-bit. Followed your steps but I don’t see any tab or check box in the Nvdia panel.

  37. Just go to iz3d.com, they have a free driver for red and cyan (blue) glasses for free, works with ALL games that use direct x, except for COD WOW. Mirrors edge is nuuuuuts. Once you learn how to correct the 3d properly of course

  38. Same thing here on XP 32 bit with an 8800GT

  39. da_dragon2k3 says:

    Went to 3 cubs foods in my area and to the local movie theatre and could not find any 3d glasses. Could someone recommend a cheap retail way of getting some glasses? IE like spending $5 or something.

  40. Ran the hack, got it to work in the control panel and in L4D but L4D only shows it in red/blue and not in yellow/blue like it is supposed to. Any thoughts?

  41. Ok so if you cant see the tab heres what i did

    get this… i used stable version


    run the install, it lets you set hotkeys for the settings and everything :)

  42. Anyone gotten the yellow/blue 3D to work on vista64? I applied the reg hack, but I’m only seeing the red/blue 3D.

  43. open it in a textFile and edit the colorCodes..

    the formation is Alpha-Red-Green-Blue in Hexadecimal code



    hope it helps

  44. I have the same problem as d+pad, can’t find the enable option in 32 bit XP service pack 2. Will try installing 181.22.

  45. Upon some messing around, it appears that the control panel and L4D are both ignoring the registry settings. Vista x64 if that helps any.

  46. I have 64bit Vista. I used the original instructions and it worked except the colors were red-blue even with the registry settings. I went and downloaded the CD and installed from there but no matter which color combination I try the colors on screen stay red-blue. Any ideas?

  47. Can you get banned cuz you called it a \hack\? lol just being on the safe side i have red/blue glasses aswell so will it work becuse u talk about it being blue/yellow? write back soon (:

  48. On XP 32-bit, the older 3d vision driver won’t appear in the new nvidia control panel. It was used before nvidia switched to the new control panel version of the driver. You should try pressing ctrl-t in-game to enable the stereo effects. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to read the docs for the older v9 3d vision driver for XP.

  49. Did it feature work on 8600M GT ? (to do it on my laptop…)

  50. How about the 3D glasses for Super Bowl day and Chuck episode? It didn’t work for the screen shots. And can we get 3D for ATI Radeon 48xx HD video cards? :(

  51. Did this feature works on 8600M GT ? (to do it on my laptop…)

  52. the images work with your glasses from the super bowl, they’re just not super great, as they’re not digital 3d

  53. Is there areason nvidia decided to completly f*uck up my duel monitors after dl? WTF?

  54. I got the yellow/blue 3D to work on Vista64 by going into the registry and changing

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D]

    Change the color value depending on the color.
    3D sorta works…

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  56. Damn guys…. You don’t have to go though this much trouble to get anaglyph 3D on L4D (or any other Direct3D game).
    Just download and install the iz3D anaglyph driver from here.
    It’s free and works on BOTH nVidia and ATI cards. And there’s NO registry hacks needed!

  57. Hmmm…. Looks like that link didn’t post correctly. Here’s where you can get those iz3D drivers:

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  59. DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE A 120mhz Monitor???

  60. no, nor do you need the 3d vision hardware.

    this will work on any monitor.

  61. Thanks shadow for posting the 64 bit registry settings…worked like a charm once the correct settings were changed.

    I tried the iz3D drivers but they were buggy…shadows appeared in places they weren’t supposed to be (such as on character’s faces) and the driver locks your mouse to your primary display if you have more than one monitor (I have dual monitors, and it happens even outside of a full screen game, very annoying). I dropped those as soon as I found the correct 64 bit registry settings.

    Thanks for posting this up…glad I held onto my Super Bowl glasses now. I just figured we’d see some more 3D stuff out of NBC or something.

  62. The only problem with the nvidia drivers is anything 180+++ will regularly lag/loop sound/freeze for a good 10-20 seconds in game. In order to stop it, you have to install an earlier driver OR play in windowed full screen mode.

  63. Thanks for those Vista 64bit reg entries shadow, those fixed it for me.

  64. Anyway to do this with RealD 3d glasses?

  65. Nope, RealD requires a special silver based screen that circular polarized projectors display two separate images on.

  66. Yes, I also have RealD 3d Glasses (from the movie coraline) and I was wondering if they’d work?

  67. […] and then reinstall the 3d stereo drivers from nvidia. This will restore the default values. Source __________________ […]

  68. Great thread, thanks for throwing these hacks to us gamers, I love these kinds of things.

    I do have a problem though:
    I have a nVidia 8500GT video card running AVG output to a Samsung LCD and DVI output to a Sony LCD.
    I can’t seem to find the checkbox/tab/button that refers to any sort of stereoscopic anything.
    the iZ3D program SEEMS to work properly, but, for some reason, I just would LOVE to use the nVidia one. It just seems so promising, lol…

    Anyway, do you have any suggestions for me? They would be appreciated.

    Thanks again

  69. Oh yeah, sorry for the repost, but I’m running Windows XP 32 bit.

  70. @shadow
    Those are the same value in the registry file for yellow/blue from this site. I have tried those values numerous times (even changed them to all 0’s) and nothing seemed to take. The best fix so far has been the iZ3D drivers but I found that some of the features were annoying. Any muzzle flash seemed to be too distracting to be of any use. I will try it again and maybe check if there are settings for iZ3D in the registry that may help. What really bugs me is I have a friend that has an almost identical setup and it works fine for him. I can’t figure out why I am having so much difficulty.

  71. Oh man is that dumb. I’m sorry shadow, I wasn’t even paying attention. I found it in the same spot and didn’t even realize. I haven’t changed them yet but it SHOULD work now. Stupid x64 differences. Sigh.

  72. It was work in L4D with TH2GO (4320*900), vista x64

    Anyone know Arma or FSX is work?

  73. So I got everything installed, ran the hack, enabled 3d, did the nvidia test….but the game doesn’t run in 3d. I tried L4D and WoW. WoW has the option to enable 3D which I did, but nothing happened… Any idea?

  74. Jeff, if it’s XP, you may not get it to work properly.

  75. Michael Johnson says:

    I don’t own L4D on my PC but I do own Mirror’s Edge and really (badly) want to try this in 3D, too. Problem is, I’m using XP 32 so this task isn’t easy. Everything is fully installed with no issues but I still can’t get it to work. (Additionally, the hot key to enable Stereo 3D, Ctrl + T, doesn’t enable it either. I’m trying to enable while I’m IN the game, could that be the problem?) Anyway, I think the main reason why it isn’t working is because I don’t have the appropriate registry information for Mirror’s Edge within the Stereo 3D directory within the Registry Editor.

    To anyone who is running Vista 32/64 AND has installed the “GeForce 3D Vision CD v1.04” driver download (which include the registry data for all games supporting Stereo 3D on NVidia’s website) could you please locate Mirror’s Edge registry info and paste it here for others to copy? (I’m running XP so I can’t download the “GeForce 3D Vision CD v1.04” driver download.)

    To help make this easier:
    “GeForce 3D Vision CD v1.04” driver download for Vista users:

    Supported Stereo 3D games:

    Location for NVidia’s Stereo 3D game registries:



    Go to the “RUN” prompt and type “regedit” (without the quotations).

    Once the Registry Editor is open navigate to the following:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NvCplApi\Policies

    Change the DWORD values to the following:

    Now, you will have the ability to navigate NVidia’s classic control panel which includes the Stereo settings (don’t fret, the new control panel is still accessible as well). To access the classic CP with Stereo settings, navigate:
    Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced > GeForce _____ > Addiotnal Properties > 3D Stereo Properties

  76. im on Vista 32, and when I go to enable 3d, it shows a 3d test image, but doesn’t enable 3d. I can’t figure out a way to enable it in Nvidia control panel… Any suggestions?

  77. Lohr, run the reg hack and then it will enable.

  78. haha, you are right. I thought that if you ran the Red/Blue file, you didn’t need the other registry hack. Thanks!

  79. i’m using Vista 32 bit, but when i click the registry hack link, i just get to a page where it says that the file could not be found. I reeeeeaaaaally want to use this. And i have one more problem. I open the Nvidia control panel, but i can’t select “enable 3d” or something like that. There is no stereo tab, and if i go to “manage 3d settings”, there is nothing about 3D there:S can anyone help me????

  80. Pulsuhundur says:

    ok, i solved it, but when i check “Enable stereoscopic 3D” i get a window with many fragments, and it says that i should put on the glasses, and then i should see a large box, and a smaller box in front of the large box. Well, i don’t see a large box, and i don’t see a smaller box, i see again, many fragments, although, not as many fragments as without the glasses, but when i exit the window, the “enable stereoscopic 3D” box is still unchecked! i can select “run setup wizard” but if i click that, nothing happens! any help would be much appreciated. But there is one more thing, when i’m supposed to execute the hack, what do i do??? do i just double-click it and select run?? please help!

  81. Michael Johnson says:

    @ Pulsuhundur:
    That pop-up window with those fragments is the Medical Test Image that helps clarify whether or not you should be using stereoscopic glasses for games (for medical reasons). Just click anywhere and the window will close followed by a new window asking if you saw the small box and if the stereo applications should be enabled. Just click “Yes” and you’ll have the option to enable, enable with hotkey and disable the stereo drivers.

    Can someone please help me with my request above? Any Vista user whose downloaded the NVidia “GeForce 3D Vision CD v1.04? download can help me in just a minute or two. Refer to my other post a few up from this one.

  82. Michael Johnson says:

    @ Pulsuhundur:
    Sorry, didn’t catch your last part. After all drivers are successfully installed and you’ve restarted your PC download the registry hack and simply open/execute it. All registry variables will be properly placed in their respective directories. If you’re curious to know of their contents, right click on the file, choose “Open with…” and select “Notepad.” Here you can see what all registries are being altered/added.

  83. Pulsuhundur says:

    ok thanks:D i got it working! i haven’t tried out many games but the ones i’ve tried are veeeery cool:D

  84. I can’t seem to get the color to change to red/blue, it stays on yellow/blue even though I merged the red/blue hack. Even in regedit in gives the values (left ffff0000, right ff0000ff).

  85. I have a problem you cant help me please ?
    my left color is yellow : “LeftAnaglyphFilter”=dword:ffffff00 and my right color is violet :”RightAnaglyphFilter”=dword:ee82ee82 is this Ok ???

  86. Michael Johnson says:

    @ Prism1029:
    On your post, you typed your left analglyph hexidecimal value as “ffff0000”. The color for red is “ffffff00”.

    Still would like help on my request above, please.

  87. Michael Johnson says:

    @ Prism1029:
    My apologies, I got the two mixed up. “ffff0000” is correct for red! Sounds silly but have you changed the anaglyph colors and restart the game and/or PC? If you really want to see if the registry has updated to red/blue (like you say it has in the registry for it) you can test it by doing the following (this is based on XP 32):

    Go to:
    Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced > GeForce _____ > Advance Properties > Stereo Settings (make sure it’s enabled) > Stereo Viewer > File > Open > (load a .jps image–one can be found off the Net) > View > Switch Display Type

    If you’ve enabled anaglyph as your stereo viewer the image will display the two colors you have set (so for you it will hopefully be red/blue). In any case, this is a test that can help show whether the registry info is updated on NVidia’s end and whether or not its an error with Left 4 Dead.

    To download a .jps file visit: http://ephehm.com/jps/

  88. I have got everything working, except the game remains in red/ blue. I have tried all I can think of to get it to red/ green, which is what I want. It says in regedit that the filters are set to red/ green but they remain red/ blue in the game. I even removed the \Right/LeftAnaglyphFilter\ files completely and the game remained red/ blue. Can anyone help be get it to red/ green, this is my first time using regedit and registry hacks so be nice and simple :)

  89. @Beany
    If you are using Vista x64 look into the Wow6432Node and check the registry keys there. That was the problem I had and when I went into that section and fixed the values everything was fine. That should fix it system-wide.

  90. @CmdrKeen
    I’m using vista32 is there a similar option available that you no of?

  91. @CmdrKeen
    I think I have fixed the problem. On closer inspection of the glasses the red seemed more pink than red. So I set the colours to green and magenta which worked in the game. It doesn’t look as good as red and blue but since my red and blue glasses are worn and creased I think I will stick with magenta and green. Thanks for the help.

  92. Hi,

    all is fine and ingame i can see those 2 colors. My glasses are blue/red and i use the blue/red reg. So far so good.

    But ingame my color looks a little lighter than blue… Maybe turqoise or cyan… but not a real BLUE… so how can i get this to appear real blue cause it doesnt work with cyan…??

    PLEEESE HELP ME (and sorry for my bad english 😉 )

  93. Dude,

    the red/blue reg file is setup with the colors of red and blue

    the hex values as follows

    eye alpha red green blue
    left FF FF 00 00
    right FF 00 00 FF

    I guess if you wanted to try it, you could lower the value to a deeper blue like FF0000EE

  94. I’ve gotten this to work with a number of glasses. The first ones I found were magenta and green. I looked up color codes to try and match the glasses, all I could find were html codes (only 6 digits); to my amazement it worked. So I pulled up a color chart and found the closest match by looking through the lens and picking which text I could see the least (magenta text on white background).

    For my magenta and green I used:

    But I think the magenta is still a bit off.

  95. Just wanted to add that this works great!

    Defiantly adds depth to L4D (no pun intended)! It does lower my FPS from a 60 solid to 30-40 even after I turned the settings down a bit, but the effect is defiantly worth it! I only wish it worked with TF2 and CS:S.

    I wonder what are the best colors to use?
    It works great with everyone I’ve tried so far (after I set the correct colors) but the left color always seems to get annoying (especially with green).

  96. Thakns a lot Dragon!!!!

    Ill try right after im home…

    Doesn’t it work with CSS TF2???
    It works with all my STEAM games in the list (so far i tried). Even Dystopia is supported!!! YAY. But i think all HL²-Engined games should work…

  97. Just wondering, does the yellow/blue work better than the red/blue 3D?

  98. Running Vista64. I got this to work once with CoD4 and L4D. I turned it off cause I didn’t have my glasses yet. Now that I do, I can’t seem to get the games running with offset colors showing on my screen. It just shows normal 2d viewing. Anyone know how to fix?

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  100. my problem is the reg hacks either arent working or something else. when i try to enable the stereoscopic mode in the NV control panel, it makes me run the 3d setup. but when it runs the setup, it switches to 800×600 and i cant see everything which forces me to exit the setup. no setup = no 3d…


  101. Michael Johnson says:

    When you run a game in 3D it’s essentially having to produce the image twice. In other words, it has to render everything in real time twice and overlay/offset them. Because this is so taxing on your PC, the resolution must be dropped to compensate the demand. At least, that’s what I think.

  102. […] Left4Dead en 3D rouge et bleu […]

  103. I’m using WinXP 32-bit with a 9800 GTX. I follow these steps, I can see the 3D Stereo settings in my display properties and it will even save my selection to enable 3D Stereo, but it changes nothing about the image in L4D. I’ve tried this while enabling the hotkey toggle and just plain enabling it. I can view the demo images in the 3D rendition, though.

    I also tried out the iZ3D method and it also does nothing. In fact, I can’t even load the game with the iZ3D control panel running. I can view the demo images in this, too. What could be the problem?

  104. Hi anyone knows how to take a picture in this 3D mode cuz fraps doesnt work well doesnt take scrrenshots neither save a movie in this 3d mode… thks…

  105. Jon try to keep ctrl+f6 like 10 seconds until u see ur weapon and the enviroment in 3d … enable the effect in game is ctrl+T …

  106. Tried that and nothing changed. I was able to get it working in no time under Vista x64, but nothing I try works in XP.

  107. Michael Johnson says:

    @ Jon:
    I’m starting to think it doesn’t work at all in XP 32. If memory serves, I haven’t even seen a comment here from an XP 32 user saying they were successful with this… which is such a disappoint. I want to play Mirror’s Edge in Stereo 3D like you wouldn’t believe.

  108. Michael Johnson says:

    Final update: I got Mirror’s Edge to successfully play in Anaglyph 3D using the IZ3D driver (I’m running Windowx XP 32 with an NVidia chipset and two GeForce 8800GT video cards). If it worked for this game it’d probably work for L4D, too.

  109. I was able to finally take some pictures with the ACA Capture Pro but is not free just mark the option en Capture Tab = Enable Directx capture…

    Heres some pics i post in a peruvian forum taked to FEAR Combat..


  110. So this means that it’s “3D Zombie Rocking Time”! WHOOOOOOOOO!

  111. […] in 3D (+other games) http://gamerslastwill.com/2009/02/02…eah-heres-how/ […]

  112. I am using Nvida latest driver version 182.06 XP. Do I still need to install ver 181.20?

  113. Hi,

    I’ve been playing with stereo for a while now and thought you guys may be interested in a better way (imho) to get anaglyph going. Since nvidia stopped supporting any other types of stereo glasses than their own (I wonder why) I’ve been using the iZ3D driver for my stereo escapades. It’s far better than the standard nVidiia one and has a lot more features.

    here’s how to set it up…

    1) get it here-> http://iz3d.com/download/files/iZ3DDriverSetup.1.10b3%20(1.09.0034).exe
    2) disable the nvidia ones in your control panel
    3) install the iZ3D driver
    4) double click the new icon on your task bar
    5) hit directX > enable stereo and select anaglyph output(red/cyan)
    6) configure the shortcut keys

    once you’ve configured the shorcut keys you’ll notice that there’s a few more controls than there are for the nvidia utility. The reason I like this driver so much is that you can adjust the effect to be far more subtle (and therefore more realistic with less headaches) When in game use your shortcut keys to set the convergance to 0.1 and the seperation to about 5.0-8.0 for best effect. Of course you can now tweak the effect until it suits you.
    Another neat feature of the iZ3D driver is autofocus; it’ll change the convergance depending on how far you’re looking (distance of an object currently at the centre of the screen), so it effectivly focuses just as your eyes do!

    I hope this helps!

  114. Hi all,
    I have a shutter glasses by e-Dimensional. After I change my VGA from 6800Ultra to 9600GSO (leadtek) i lost every possibilities to turn on the 3D. Is here any way to turn it on again on this 9600 GSO?

  115. […]       Something else that looks pretty cool I wouldn’t mind trying, I’m not sure how well it works but apparently you can hack your system so you can play the game in 3D!!!! Yes you do require the 3D glasses for this to work though. You also have to install specified drivers for this to work. The following site gives the drivers, the hack, instructions and some pictures to show you how it looks without the glasses.     http://gamerslastwill.com/2009/02/02/3d-left-4-dead-for-free-oh-yeah-heres-how/ […]

  116. I’m having that “cant see the stereo tab” problem using XP32. did any one solve this?

    and no i cant use that other program for the 3d as i want to play WoW with it and to my knowledge this can only be done through nvidea.

  117. this is the same guy as a post ago named morphis.

    My card is a 8800 and help here would be greatly appreciated.

  118. The iZ3D Drivers will work, stereo 3D is a DirectX and OprnGL extention not a hardware dependant thing but if you’re set on using the nVidia ones then you need to get these two:

    http://www.nvidia.com/object/winvista_x86_182.08_whql.html < — standard graphics drivers

    then install these:

    http://www.nvidia.com/object/3d_stereo.html#drivers <– stereo driver (link’s at the bottom)

    The key is to make sure both driver version numbers match. If you have a mobile 8800 you’ll need to get a modified driver from LaptopDriversToGo.

    I have a 8800m GTS and have used both ways with success.

    Good luck!

  119. morphisblob says:

    MY glasses are not the right color for iz3d and the nvidia crack lets you select the colors so i have to use that
    i tried getting the drivers for my pc and nothing changed though i did update a driver or 2.

    this is my setup Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, 32-bit (Service Pack 3)
    DirectX version: 9.0c
    GPU processor: GeForce 8800 GT
    Driver version: 182.08
    the stereo version i downloaded and installed was Version: 91.31

    still I can not see this stereo tab to enable it

  120. In the post above yours there’s links to the correct drivers.

  121. does this work with all the games that nvidia 3d vision works with?


  123. I am running on 32bit XP with SP3. I was able to get the stereo tab in the classic nvidia control panel. I tried to enable stereo 3D and the medical image thing popped up. I saw two nearly identical images each taking halves of the screen. Is that normal? I also tried to configure the settings for screen resolution and refresh rate, but those settings keep reverting back to default after I quit. I tried the Test Application, but there are no 3D effects at all. I also tried L4D, which doesn’t have 3D effect enabled either. Has anyone got 32bit XP 3D working at all?

  124. Will this work with the latest versions of the drivers?
    Anyone know before i try it tonite?

  125. Is there any chance you will be updating the hack for the new nvidia drivers v182? If not please advise and I will shift back to the older driver that works with the 3d hack.

  126. […] game of choice for demoing 3D technology at CES this year, one enterprising reader sent in a tip: you don’t need any expensive glasses or new technology to play the game in 3D… although getting the effect may take some doing. You’ll […]

  127. Left 4 Dead 3D…

    if you recently purchased my bloody valentine 3d, friday the 13th part 3d or anything else in 3d (if you own the adventures of sharkboy and lavagirl, i wouldn’t admit that publicly), i may have found another use for all those p…

  128. […] Just read a great article on PC Perspective that nvidia is pushing anaglyph 3d for its GeForce product line.  Apparently I was on to something in my L4d in 3D post. […]

  129. lets rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. left 4 dead rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  132. Anybody get working in XP32, like EDALBNUG above, same problem?

  133. Or Windows7 64?

  134. wilcocsjr says:

    I made a gameplay 3D!!!!
    Its very cool!!!! :)

  135. hi, will this work on laptop on-board video cards like intel or i need a dedicated one? and do i have to download a special driver? thanks!

  136. wilcocsjr says:

    You need iz3d!
    Send me a message to my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/wilcocsjr
    And I Explain every thing about it!

  137. Can this work for a NVIDIA 9800M GS laptop card?

  138. Dragon,
    Is there any way to enable dual output through a registry hack? This mode was available in the old 91.31 stereo drivers found in
    Is there any way to enable the outputs from the old drivers in these new one?

  139. Will this trick work with windows 7 32-bit? Thanks

  140. i want left 4 dead game

  141. What I did for XP 32bit + SP3.

    Removed display drivers via add, remove programs.
    Got the latest XP drivers from nvidia.
    Installed them.
    Did the old control panel reg edit. http://ul.to/uzudcz
    Installed the stereo drivers found above.
    Did the reg edit found above.
    Went to the old control panel to enable stereo.

    But no 3D not even in the medical test image (tested several games in the list provided above). Am just getting the left and right screen next to each other.

  142. I have xp32 sp3, a 9600, and I have tried installing the drivers above with the regedit, the iz3d, neither worked. I know not what do do now, so I turn to this postlog, in the hopes that someone knows how to fix it.

  143. Ive been playing pc games for the last 25 years and in 3d since i first got my crusty old 3dfx 12mb voodoo 2 back around 96~97.

    Dont get me wrong Ive liked all my nvidia cards but this “new” S3D is functionaly the same as the old one from “E-dim” I got 14 years ago.

    The BEST way is to make a H.M.D. of your own..
    All you need is:

    -2x ~8″ lcd screens with decent matching res(1024×768 x2 gives u 2048×1536!!!equivalent) with vga in(or av input.)
    mounted flat. 1 above eyes,1 below eyes.
    eg. shred a pair of portable dvd players. They cost f’all nowadays, and have dvi/av inputs.

    -2x small mirrors (Glass only!!) one to look up and one to look down (left and right eye)

    -2x lenses to allow you to focus on lcd

    -1x pair of decent headphones

    -some rigid black plastic for the casing

    -and something to strap it to your face (eg. cut down an old welding mask etc.)

    -any half decent Vid card has 2 monitor outputs i use 9800gt(ffs. not onboard)

    -get some drivers to make it work IZ3d
    works well for me.
    (as nvidia went all gay for vista and locked out s3d on winXP for gf 9xxx and up, then tried to say that it wouldn’t work because of the differences in hardware & O.S … <—=B.S. it works great with IZ3D on dual projector output. it was a finantial decision by nvidia, nothing more. Why betray your loyal customers Nvidia??)

    now put everything where it should go and bundle up the cables,
    (if you havent figure this out yet then dont try to do it.)

    Now you have a true S3D H.M.D at 2048 x 1536!!!resolution with NO flicker at all AND a bit of self satisfaction from Building it your self.
    (let the fools/yuppies pay BIG bucks for an average low res HMD)


    you can just get 4 mirrors arrange them correctly and use split screen with one movitor, and mount it on a stand in front of any lcd or crt. Sounds dodgie but it does work.

  144. On Win xp(32) i kept my current driver (195.62) and only installed the stereoscopic driver (ver. 91.31) ,rebooted and ran the registry hack.
    It works!

  145. […] entirely meant to do, but it’s well worth giving a go. The guide that we followed was from GamersLastWill, which should lead you through just about everything […]

  146. […] entirely meant to do, but it’s well worth giving a go. The guide that we followed was from GamersLastWill, which should lead you through just about everything […]

  147. Hi,
    It work with 8400m GS + Edimensional Shutter Glasses?
    Anyone do it?

  148. best game ever!!!!!

  149. fdsgjdjgg says:

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!

  150. fdsgjdjgg says:

    its fun

  151. Haven’t tried this game yet!

  152. great game awesome thanks for share

  153. I noticed that you left a link for ATI users but your current setup with nvidia does not require a 3D display. After reviewing the IZ3D information it seems that a 3D display is required; is there a way around the 3D display requirement for ATI users (ATI Radeon HD 5670)? Thanks.

  154. re: michael.

    being a long time nvidia user i cant really say much about the requirements for your HD 5670 but as far as i know….
    no, you do not require a “3d ready display” especially with anaglyph mode any display/tv should work. if you have the wrong colour lenses just go to a $2 shop and
    Buy some coloured plastic wrap matching the reqired colour. ( only cost me $1.50 per colour and i have enough to make 1000 pairs of anaglyph 3d glasses.)

    also only a few of the outputs for the IZ3D drivers will need a special monitor to work but most of them actually dont. (eg dual projector, mirrored, split screen, vga shutter output ect.)

    But if you happen have any 2 monitors of same size and a video card with two outputs (most do) then all you need is 1 mirror and use the planar mirror IZ3D output.
    There is NO colour loss OR drop in refresh rate OR resolution as is seen with most other options anaglyph, and shutter glasses , sli polerized lcds.
    (eg. “3d vision” even when set to 120Hz, you will only see 60Hz per eye so it looks like the old skool tv flicker.)( FPS will always drop due to 2x viewpoints = 2x resoluton being rendered)

    basicaly you place your monitors in a V angle facing you, then place your mirror in the middle of the V and thats pretty much it. One eye will look straight at 1st screen and the other looks at
    the other screen through the mirror.

    The mirrored output in the iz3d drivers will send a (left to right) mirrored image to the Second monitor which will appear normal when reflected by the mirror.
    You will probably have to adjust the monitor position to align the screens. (eg tilt up/down, twist one L/R , or change the angle between them.)

    these and a number of other methods are SO simple to do that nvidia has removed ALL these other outputs from there drivers so that we would be Forced to buy their “3d vision system”.
    Nvidia’s “new” method has been around for more than 15 years.
    And “3d certified” is a fictional label it refers only to one fact….. they paid nvidia big $$$$ for a licence not to be blocked by the new drivers.

    The “120hz limit” is also fictional. while a high refresh definitly will improve the experience and reduce eye strain.
    This forced limit indicates that Nvidia belive that most people are too stupid to decide when to upgrade for themselves.
    They should let us decide for ourselves as seeing s3d stock gives people a good reason to buy a new monitor.

    Previously there were no limits and it worked as low as 60hz and this would allow you to use it with any monitor/display , this limit is a marketing trick to make it seem more hitech and
    to sell overpriced lcds and projectors.

    I used wired shutter glasses using generic drivers from edimentional and a stock-standard 17″CRT monitor at 140Hz way back . (mid to late1990’s)
    (I still have em and they still work with most cards that have a real vga output ( pre. geforce 8xxx) so long as I loaded the old s3d drivers that had the 7-8 different methods of S3D output that “IZ3D” will still give you)
    there was even a wireless version to, wich back then cost less than nvidia’s do now so go figure.

    I even bought a pair of 7″ hd lcds cheap stripped em extended a few ribon cables and built a 3d-headset out of a old go-cart helmet, 1 mirror i’d cut and shaped to fit my eyes/nose shape,
    and some reading glasses from a chemist $15,
    depending on the lenses used the FOV can be made as high as 70-150 degrees. (150 degrees = as far left to right as you can see without having to turn your head. “a bit overkill though”)

    eg if you happen to have 2 projectors buy some ploerized film and a metalic or glass bead type projector screen and you can use the pasive X polerized 3d movie glasses (eg. avatar 3d ) easy.

    there are many other options.

    ….ps. sorry about the Ranting………………………hopefully I said something usefull

  155. First of all gobbledok, thank you for all of the information. The reading was very helpful, several useful points were made clearer, and my red/cyan glasses have been ordered! I was able to get into a game (L4D2) and see the different red and cyan images using the free anaglyph driver from iZ3D.

    Thanks again, Michael.

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