Here is my prediction for the next big thing in PC games.

live DVDs. You’ll get your game on a live DVD that runs a custom operating system or perhaps Linux to make it easy. A huge portion of the overhead costs for games involves support. If publishers could control the environment their software runs in, end-user support costs drop dramatically. The real hurdle to overcome? Driver support. Though, when publishers cross the live DVD bridge, I’m sure hardware manufacturers will jump onboard and sure up some unified driver technology like Nvidia and ATI already have.

This all makes it much easier to play games and easier still to troubleshoot them. What about copy protection you ask? CD keys still work for online play. Why not have a game run its own operating system from a usb thumb drive? this allows the publisher to add dongle-type hardware to the usb thumb drive if they so choose to add that level of copy protection.

You heard it all here first.

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  1. I realize the post is old, but you linked to it from . Anyway, I agree with the idea of distributing a custom, stripped down Linux on DVD or USB stick. It certainly makes a lot of sense, and the OS can be tweaked to the game. Only problem is, Microsoft knows what a stranglehold they have, mainly due to gaming, and will continue to ‘partner’ with game companies, or buy the ones that do go with the Games for Windows crap. Good post though. Hopefully we see it soon. You essentially turn a PC in to a console.

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